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SAFE STEP (2019)

With Maci Prescott, Isha Pradhan, Evan Fischoff, Zachary Brothers, Angus Fraser; Advised by Prof. Robert Shepherd

Safe Step is our mechanical engineering senior design project. We designed and prototyped a step stool for senior citizens to access tough-to-reach locations in a residential setting. Our goal is to inspire confidence in its users to reach for new heights. Product features include: safe and secure platform, wheels for mobility with force-activated stoppers for stability when in use, and collapsible and adjustable handle for easy storage and customized support.

Our design process, merging human-centered design and system engineering tools, includes:

  • Conducting interviews and empathy field work with senior citizens at senior homes

  • Applying design thinking framework to unpack our data, define the problem, and brainstorm solutions

  • Using a Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) survey to understand consumer behavior and preferences

  • Performing Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) to identify critical implementation points

  • Integrating insights from 14 user evaluations of our initial prototype for our final prototype

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