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I am a researcher at heart, with 5+ years of experience in quantitative and qualitative academic research on human-computer interaction and robotics. As such,  I am driven by a deep curiosity to learn about the world. I care about asking the right questions, applying my technical and design skills methodically and creatively to gain insight on complex problems, and telling impactful stories of the results.

I am seeking full-time data analyst/scientist and user experience researcher positions. In December 2023, I completed my M.S. in Creative Technology & Design, where my funded research focused on integrating technology in dance and movement to promote self-awareness and expression. Previously, I received my B.S. and M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. When I'm not building systems, analyzing data, or doing user experiments, I am involved in dance and activism.

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We apply high-level specifications to automatically synthesize verifiably correct controllers for distributed control of robotic swarms to achieve reactive tasks.

DIS 2021 Best Paper Award

Using an extended woven practice, we fabricate fully-integrated multi-sensor on-skin systems that are resilient and capable of field deployment. We implement an inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensing system for multi-hour use as a technology probe to understand the social, technical, and design facets in everyday use of on-skin systems.



DIS 2020 Best Paper Honorable Mention and Best Demo Award

We adapt a woven fabrication approach for crafting on-skin interfaces for seamless interaction on the body surface, enabling unique functions based on the structures of weaving. Read more

SAFE STEP (2019)

Safe Step is our mechanical engineering senior design project. We designed and prototyped a step stool for senior citizens to access tough-to-reach locations in a residential setting. Our goal is to inspire confidence in its users to reach for new heights. Read more



Weavings by me, mostly crafted on the Schacht 26 Baby Wolf 8-Shaft Loom, and a few knits. Read more

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